Monday, July 20, 2009

Flower Clip Tips...

I got my flowers from Roberts. I found a great sale and got them for 34cents to 50cents each. I Picked colors that Taya wears often (pink, red, white and some blue to go with her school uniforms). I also got the clips at Roberts. They were 10 for $2.99 regularly, but happened to be on sale the day I got them for $1.99.

To begin pull the flower off the stem. Then pull the green piece off the back.

Then begin to seperate out the flower layers. Each flower will contain about 5 layers.

I seprated out all the flowers first, because I wanted to mix and match some of them.

Build back up your flower layer, by layer.

This is were the fun began! Yesterday I mentioned that I was looking for instructions because I didn't want to make a mistake. In the process of making them, I learned that there is really no way to make a mistake! I had so much fun doing them.
Here are a few of my varations. I made each in a set of two for when she wears piggies or sacagwea braids.
With this one

I used ribbon that I shapped into a flower

and then hot glued the ribbon layers.

This one is Taya's favorite

I dipped every other petal in hot glue and glitter

and then I added a layer that was ribbon pieces that were rounded.

For this one

I cut flower shapes out of netting. And used it for a couple of the layers.

As you can see, the flower shape is used losely to describe what this is!

This one

is for school. She wears a uniform and even the hair accessories has to be in school colors of red, blue and white. So I used three diffrent flowers to get those colors. To get the center all glitter I pealed off the fuzzy center and dipped it hot glue and then silver glitter. I think it would look better if I had powdery glitter, but I didn't have any so this works.


are quite a bit smaller than the others and I attached them to the little flip clips, mostly because I was still playing and had ran out of the clips I bought, so I found these in her hair things that she dosen't wear very often.

I used the same technice from the red ones using lace instead of ribbon. I think that they would be pretty for a baptism, but lets not pusher to that age any quicker than it is already going!


are my favs! Again, a bit smaller and attached to flip clips. I used the netting again, but I helded it above a lit candle to give it a slight wilted affect. I think they look rather retro.

For the one yesterday,

I used pieces of the material that I made her skirt out of for one of the layers. Again, I cut it into the shape of the flower and just glueded it in like another layer.

So as I was making these here are a few things I found out. If you hot glue each layer as you are building the flower and then hot glue the center on and the clip to the back they sit a lot flatter on the head, then if you layer them back on to the nub of the center and use one of the plastic backs to hold it all together.

The one on the left has a green plastic back on before I glued on the clip. The right one has just the clip.
Here is how it sits in her hair with the green back on

and how it looks in her hair with out the back on

I hope this is helpful. I want to do some later on that include feathers in them and more rhinestones. I would love to hear any suggestions you have and see anything that you make!

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Maman Tattoo said...

Oh! those are really cute!
unfortunally, my daughter still has REALLY few hair... But I might try at one for myself!