Friday, May 28, 2010

The Bella

Another one off the project Hug Them All list! Actually there are three done, but the other two are washing, so I will post them later in the weekend.

Before I introduce the Bella, I need some opinions. As I am creating and finishing all these quilts I am torn on what to do should I:
A. Give them to the recipient as soon as they are done?
B. Give them in sibling groups, so that all the kids in one family get them at once?
C. Save them all until Christmas?

I really am having a hard time deciding, and my hubby says I should wait until Christmas, while my mom says give them to them as I finish them. What do you all think?

Okay, this is the Bella...Bella is my first niece on my side of the family. She is Taya's honorary little sister, since Taya doesn't have one. Her and Taya are BFFs! Bella is actually short for Izabella. She is a sweet, patient 18 year old trapped in a 3 years old body! She is wise beyond her years! I sure hope she likes this first rag quilt!

Love you Bells!


The Umbergers said...

So cute! I love the fabric! You did an awesome job!!

Julie said...

I love the rag quilt! I would save all the quilts for Christmas. That way they can all get their quilts at the same time.

nana rosie said...

LOVE the colors!!! SO miss Bells!
I think she will love it!!! Give it to her now!