Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Bailey

Okay, get ready for a lot of posts! I am finally catching up....after I lost the last round of SYTYC But more on that in another post.


blanket is for my sweet pie niece, Bailey May. Bailey is 10 months old and so SMILEY!! She always has a grin on her face! She is just a sweet baby and reminds me a bit of a cabbage patch. She has big, giant blue eyes, no hair and cheeks I would love to munch on all the time!

She loves Taya, something about Taya makes her giggle. So her blanket is a mini version of Tayas, which will be shown in another post. (Told ya, your goin' to get a bunch!)

I wish it was a little bit bigger, but it is a good size for little Bailey to tote around.

I think I am getting pretty good at the free motion quilting!

I did this stitch around the gingham

and each of the four squares has this

a free motion daisy stitched in the center.

And of course, like all the blankets I have made for Project Hug them ALL, it has her name on it...but it is very subtle

and therefore hard to photograph.

Love you Bailey!!

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