Saturday, May 29, 2010

Yup, I am going "home"

I am out this round of SYTYC. I am sad, cause next weeks theme is right up my alley (can't say what it is yet...)
but I am pretty proud of myself for making it to the top 5. Plus two wins in a row...that ain't so bad!

Its actually funny I went home this week, cause the summer theme was the easiest for me to come up with, I knew I wanted to do the lemonade stand as soon as I saw that summer was a theme.

I do have to say last weekend was CRAZY!!! My siblings, dad and I did a surprise 50th b-day party for my mom, Rosy Cheeks
and between preparing for that, working and all the end of the year parties, I am amazed I even got the stand done! It was really all thanks to my dad (Thanks dad!!)
who helped put the PVC pipe together for me.

And I have accomplished so many other projects that have been on the back burner, so it was okay (well, mostly). And it was a blast while it lasted!!

On a side note, if there is a request for a fairly simple how to or at least a materials list for the lemonade stand, let me know and I will put one together.


nana rosie said...

THIS IS totally a WINNER!!!! I love this one the best!!

Chris said...

I am sad that you're done...but what a FUN thing to have for your children. I think this was so clever. Best wishes for lots of fun projects in the future!

camelfam said...

Couldn't believe you lost with this. A lot of weeks I have a hard time deciding who to vote for, but this one was a no brainer. I can't believe others didn't agree! I voted for you last week, too.

kstrack said...

I need all the directions I want to make some of these for our school Festival!!!! :) You are amazing!