Thursday, April 29, 2010

Another one done!

I am on a roll!
This little quilt...

Is for little bear. That's not his real name that is TBA...after his birth date...just a few more days now! It's all done and just needs the little guys name added after he is born. It is the perfect size to wrap a newborn in, tuck around a car seat or curl up on mommy's lap.

Little bear is my brothers first son. My brother has three sweet little girls and as much as he ADORES them, I know he is very excited to be adding a son to the mix.

I love the monkey print

No not, the little monkey, er, I mean helper holding the blanket...but the fabric! The green is a really cute, yet suddle jungle print. And yes, that is more of the brown polka dot, I swear it is in every blanket I make...but I love it! But the best part is the three extra soft squares of cuddle chenille that stuff!!

So bring him on Lyndsy! I know you have just been waiting until I finished his quilt, thats very sweet of you....but...its done....I am so ready to meet him!

I am also almost finished with Gunners quilt, I hope to have it all wrapped up this weekend and Bella's too!

If you have not had a chance to vote over on SYTYC go check it out! All of the bath time crafts are so cute, its hard to pick just one!


Chris said...

What a fun quilt. I love the colors. Way to go!

Lyndsy said...

I HAVE been waiting for you to finish! in fact, today's a great day to have a baby so i'm totally on board. Sounds great to me.

Lyndsy said...

oh by the way love the new entry on SYTYC!! You have a great chance at winning! i voted!

Sarah said...

Wow! I'm impressed that you've had time to make a quilt in the middle of SYTYC! Great job!
-Sarah from Create Studio