Saturday, May 1, 2010

SYTYC Bath Time...

Another round of SYTYC done and I am still in! I am pretty excited...I did better than last week, so that's good! The bath fizzes were mine. Now these come with a bit of a story....I have to say I was pretty miserable while making these. I have made this bath fizzy recipe dozens upon dozens of times! Granted, never in a cake shape...but still. Well the first batch fell on its face, completely crumbled the next day, which, because I am a terrible procrastinator, was the day before the project was due.

Now add to this that I have a massive sinus infection going and I may have been a bit moody (hubby says that's putting it mildly). So I may have thrown a fit or two....or ten! I was right in the middle of a tirade to my poor, sweet hubby with a off handed comment of "I should just withdrawal, I am miserable at this!" When my cutie pie 10 year old son gave me the pep talk of the year! He told me I had to stay in the competition and even if he had to stay home from school (I know so sweet of him, trying to sacrifice school for me....) we would make a GREAT project!!!

So with Big G's pep talking rallying me, I pulled it together and they turned out so cute!! I am so proud and totally give Big G credit for them!!

Don't let these tasty looking cake slices fool you!

These delicious looking desserts are actually a pampering, skin softening bath fizzy!

The wedges were made with a "mold" that you can pick up at your local grocery store. A few ingredients, a layer of "frosting" and you have a delightful and unique party favor for all those summertime showers, that will do double duty as a fun center piece!

Or package them individually in a box or a cello bag...

(Be sure to notice in the bottom of this picture, the bath fizzy in action, softening your skin while it bubbles and dissolves in your bath tub!)

...tie with a pretty bow and you have a great little gift for your co- workers, girlfriends or just to brighten someones day!

I will get the recipe for these cuties up soon! And thanks for all those who voted, for mine or was still a great week!


Chris said...

These look SO cool. I'm looking forward to the recipe.

Marjorie said...

I voted for these! Can't wait to see how you made them:)

Kerri said...

These are sooooo CUTE!

Jessica said...

I LOVE these! They will make a great gift! I can't wait to find out how to make them!