Monday, April 5, 2010

Plush Action Figures

I posted a while back about my obsession with the adorable Black Apple Dolls!

Well, I had to make one for my sweet little nephew, Arbor! But while I was at it, I had decided to make him a puppy doll too! So here is "Arbor" and his puppy "Oscar"

I am happy to say that he loved them! But if my BIL, Johnny asks, they aren't dolls, they are plush action figures!

I made them to match the little quilt I made for him

I even appliqued his name on to it.

Not to bad considering this is the first quilt I have done. The nice thing about lines is, if you make them all crooked....then they all end up looking straight!

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The Umbergers said...

You did so good! He loves them and I think they are SO adorable!!