Sunday, March 14, 2010

For my little dolly!

I have been in love with the Black Apple Dolls created by the #1 Etsy seller, Emily Martin. I found them in November and wanted to make one for Missy MayMay for Christmas. But I was so intimidated by them! I am not the best seamstress. But I recently got a new sewing machine...I love it! It is a Singer and all digital and "fancy". I feel like I really could do anything with it! So I decided to give these cute dolls a try. Missy MayMay totally hearts Tinkerbell and all things Tinkerbell! So I wanted to make one into a Tinkerbell for her. This is my first attempt.

Not to bad...but could use some improvement. This one I made with out enlarging the pattern like it says. So it is a mini Tinkerbell.
After a few more trys, including the cutest set of "Twinies" for my adorable 19 month old twin nieces, I made a larger size doll for Missy MayMay


So now she has a mama one and a baby one!

I must say I have become a bit obsessed with making them! This is what is waiting on my craft table right now....

but they take so little fabric and are so quick that at least I am taking on something small....well small times 10!

Here is a little preview of something else I have been working on this weekend.

This is for my adorable nephew, Arbor. He recently got a new puppy, Oscar, and this print reminded me of him! I am even making a matching doll to go with it....yea I am obsessed!


Lizzy said...

Awww, she is so precious, you did a great job, did your Daughter love her?

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh -- you did a wonderful job on those dolls. They are absolutely precious! Was your sewing machine hard to learn how to use?

peata said...

love those dollies. so cute

Lyndsy said...

My girls love their little dollies you made them. that was so sweet of you! thank you!


MaryJanes and Galoshes said...

I have had that pattern bookmarked to do forever! Yours turned out so great!!!!! You've given me inspiration and motivation to finally do it! Thanks!