Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Gunner's Quilt

This quilt

is for my oldest son, Gunner/Big G. (I have decided to drop their nicknames on the blog) Gunner is 10, almost 11, and is transitioning into that stage were he doesn't like cartoons, he has decided girls are pretty cute and mom can be a bit embarrassing. When I decided to include my kids in my Project Hug them all, I knew I would make them quilts for the beds as part of wanting/needing to redecorate their rooms.

So I let each of them pick what they wanted. Gavin/Lil G wanted BYU football with orange and denim blue, Taya/Missy MayMay and I actually had a fight about hers. She was insistent on wanting Tinkerbell, but I knew she would be out growing that theme pretty quick (she's 7) so I finally compromised with her and put a Tinkerbell back on with a cute pink and brown/Daisy theme front.

But Gunners was harder. He was adamant that he wanted black...nothing else and he wanted space, but not cutesy space with cute rockets and bright colored planets or as he calls it "baby space" he wanted real life, living on the moon space. (He recently has decided he wants to be an astronaut, but own a restaurant on the side...just for fun) I was a bit worried about the extreme lack of color, and snuck a little yellow, his favorite color, into the quilt.

Have I mentioned I love my sewing machine? This stitch is one of the 52 built in stitches it does. I also quilted in some stars for some character.

Just like with the other quilts I am making, it was important to me to give the quilt his name, but because it is for his bed I wanted it to be a little less obvious, so at the bottom I stitched his name in.

I love how it turned out and so does he...he says it is the warmest & best quilt ever, I said its because its made with love.....which apparently was embarrassing because he rolled his eyes with an exasperated "MOM!"

If you have not voted on SYTYC, try and take a minute to do so. This weeks theme is teacher appreciation and once again there are some fantastic ideas!

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