Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sew Unhappy...

I have the coolest sewing machine ever! It is kind of a funny store how I came about getting this little beauty!.

It was actually Cory's Grandma's. When she passed away, I only asked for one thing from her house and it wasn't the sewing machine, I wanted a picture of her and grandpa, preferably on their wedding day, but I wasn't picky. I have yet to get one, but Cory's Aunt called and asked if I would like the sewing machine.
There are so many daughters and granddaughters, I was surprised that none of them wanted it. I must admit, that at first I stuck up my nose at the idea! I didn't want no old, ugly sewing machine. And then when I found out that it was attached to a sewing table, I was really convinced that I didn't want it.
But Cory said I needed one and that I may as well take it. So I agreed.
When Cory and his brother brought it in (it is that heavy, it took two of them) I fell in love!
The table alone is beautiful and when I pulled out the 1950's sewing machine....I was ecstatic!
I have used that sewing machine more in the last two months than I have used the oven (hee,hee)!

So today when I turned it on, and tried to start sewing a skirt it was sluggish and acting up, it honestly sounds like it is out of breath....any ideas for me out there! It was fine the day before, I fairly certain that no one touched it and now nothing! I am so sad. I fell like I killed this machine, that has been through so much. I mean it runs like a tank!!

So if any of you have any ideas what may be wrong, let me know!


Lizzy said...

Have you tried oiling it?

Lizzy said...

See if this helps.