Sunday, August 23, 2009

I heart Craft Day!

Yesterday was my monthly craft day. I love craft day!!! My gorgeous cousin, Alisha, hosted it at her house this month. Yummy food, no kids, the girls and cute crafts...yea it was a good day!

This month we decided to make these from Not So Idle Hands. (love her blogs, check out all the cute ideas she has on there) We used this tutorial from How about Orange for tacks.

These cute stamped washers from Bizzy Bee Creations. (Also a really cute blog)

And a really cute set of blocks that were a few different ideas combined into one. It was Cory, my DH, turn to do the cutting. We have the DH take turns with any cutting of wood, metal, etc that needs to be done. So his idea of cutting the wood was taking it to Lowe's, were he works, and having his friend in lumber cut them for him. I asked him what else he pawns off on his honey do list. Oh well, at least it got done!

So first we had to sand, and sand and sand. I sanded down the frames and all my blocks for my words. I knew I wanted a long word. I wanted something that isn't used alot (like love, family, home. I came up with quite a good list of words (serenity, dream, affection, simplify, amazing, cherish, delight, Amore, Adore, Laugh) and finally decided on Happiness. My mom, the Clever Rose, did family and fall and my sister, Starlee, did Beautiful. They printed there pics in Sepia. So cute!

I used my picture editor, and lowered the tint on all the pictures, so that the color was all washed out and faded.

I love the way that they turned out! They look really cute in the family room. DH loves the fact that I used one of his pics from his Nascar races and the kiddos had fun pointing to all the pictures of themselves.

Here is a how quick how to. Paint the block and let dry. Coat the block with modge podge, then set the picture on top. Use a old gift card or credit card to smooth out any bubbles. Then use a slightly wet rag with black paint and tab it on the edges. Then sand the edges of the picture. Last, apply a coat over the top of it all to seal it in. Coat the back of your letter with modge podge and place it on the letter, pressing firmly. Tadda!

Here are my frames after painting.

I could not find and 12x12 frames that I liked, that weren't a fortune. So my dad made these for me out of some spare molding he had. They are so pretty! (thanks dad!) I wanted two one on each side of my metal board in my craft/dining room. DH is suppose to hang them up tomorrow, on his day off. (Added to the "honey do list") But here is the completed project.

(That is My 10 year old hiding behind there).

Another hit! My boys each want one for there room. Except my 7 year old doesn't want it all "girly" he said maybe some skull and crossbone fabric with some guitar tacks would be awesome. (Another project for the to do list)

But that left no time for the washer necklaces. So the pieces are lying in my craft room just waiting. I plan on making one for Gunner and Gavin. Taya didn't seem to care for them to much. I also want to use them to make a fall wreath for my door. With the words fall, apple, leaf, etc type things stamped on it. (Any other fall like word suggestions for me?)

As a bonus, I got some awesome recipes for the binder I made last month. I loved Aunt Cec's taco soup and the cake was so good and so forbidden! Cory, DH, would love it!!

Can't wait for the next one!!


Lizzy said...

I love this and I think it gave me an idea for a broken clock frame that I bought for a buck at a yardsale a few weekends ago.

I had to laugh about the nascar picture, my husband is a JR FREAK! no joke...

Emily said...

Wow! Those turned out so the fabric! Thansk for the shout-out :)

Anonymous said...

I love those frames! Now if only I had time...