Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Every Princess needs a Palace!

So maybe it is not a palace, but I think it is better! I have always wanted a craft room. Where I could spread out my projects (or mess as DH calls it) and then leave it with out having to clean up in the middle of a project so I could serve dinner on the table or sleep in the bed! (both former places where I use to craft) And not to have to dig in a closet or a box for that one thing I bought and I know I bought it, but now I can't find it! But not any more!
When we moved into this house, we set up the room right off the kitchen as a dining room.

It has my beautiful hutch that my dad made me in it and our awesome table that seats 12 when fully extended.

We have used that room as a dining room only once since we moved in here in January! It was great, cause we were able to host DH whole family (which is HUGE) for Easter dinner.

But I wanted more space for my crafting. So I added book cases and shelves to the back wall.

I wanted it to look presentable as a dining room, but to function as a craft room! So I tried to display at least the stuff at eye level in a cute way. The first picture is what you see when looking in from the kitchen or the living room. But once you are in the room and look back at the kitchen, then you see all my craft things.

This is the sewing machine table that I inherited from DH grandma, that I previously posted about.

You may recognize these from a previous post! Ignore the crooked one, I hung them my self! The metal board holds my current fav pics and most current complete layout. The cork board ones hold more pics, some memorable (like our recent mini golf score card) and my to do list of swaps and projects I am currently working on.

On the serving area of the hutch my dad made I keep the swaps I am working on or completed and needing to mail.

I bought this tower as my first attempt to organize. Silly me thinking all my supplies would fit in to this one tiny tower! On top is three stacked bowls. I love these, my favorite florist got them for me! I think that the middle bowl is the only thing DH would claim. It is were his keys, wallet, pedometer, wedding band, etc is SUPPOSE to go when he comes home from work. (The only way they end up there is if I put them there!) The bottom one is flowers for flower clips and the top holds the families sun glasses.

There is also my beloved doc station. (My playlist currently includes Daughtry No Surprise, Martina McBride Independence Day, Def Leppard Photograph, Bee Gees Staying Alive and Mormon Tabernacle Choir Spirit of God, yea it's eclectic!)Can't craft with out some music in the background. I would like to add some letters or blocks here that say create or something like that.

These are various views of the shelves.

The plant Gavin gave me for moms day, the card and composition notebook I received in recent swaps.

The cute picture on the bottom is my daughter and three nieces. My very talented SIL, Lyndsy took this picture for my mom for mothers day. They are gathered around my moms jewelry. The snap shoot in the middle is my oldest son taken about 6 years ago at the balloon festival. Still one of my favorite photos! I love the colors and the look of excitement in his big brown eyes!

The star box was painted by my boys for their dad for fathers day. Notice at the bottom the big ugly box full of scraps. Yea, I would love to hear your cute ideas on how to make that look nice and cute.

The flowers are from my favoite favorite, that I dried. The boxes hold all the little things (washers, glue sticks, etc) The two containers are frosting containers washed out and covered with paper. One holds paper flowers and the other holds twine.

I am obsessed with cardstock! I don't think I could make a layout without it! I keep it on the shelf organized by color. That way I can see at a glance what shades I need more of.

Remember these from my last post? Erin inspired me when she reminded me of how her sweet sister, Stacey aka the Thrifty Chick, who recently passed away, used jars in her craft room. One is filled with ribbons, the other chipboard letters and the last with DH badges from his scouting days. I love the colors of them and they are very special to him, some day I will use them to make something cool for him!

These are my inspirations!

The newborn pics of my three sweethearts. Aren't they sweet! They were too precious to hide in a book.

But it is not all perfect! What space ever is?

The corner of abandoned/unfinished projects. There is the shadow boxes, I really do want to finish! And the stupid rug I started. I hate that rug! In fact I was just telling my mom that I will never finish it, the thought of finishing makes me mad and that I ought to throw it out!

So if anyone is in need of a 1/4 finished rug let me know! And if you have shared your craft space, I would love to see it!

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nana rosie said...

HA-HA my craft spot IS YOURs!!
I loved using your spot, without the "hurry-up & pick up, cuz dads coming home" words pounding in my head! I think I accually finished somthing, without rushing it! Thanks for sharing.