Sunday, October 11, 2009

Another altereted altoid tin

I am sure alot of you have seen this Altered Altoid tin that I made into a photo album.
This is a different idea on the same concept.

A just in case box.

Inside it has...

Mint gum
scratch paper
a small marker
$1 in quarters
Sewing kit
Bobby pin
A mini pad
A list with a spot for emergency contact, hubby's work, kids school, work, poison control, local police

I can think of a point when I have need any of these when I am out and about and don't have it. It is the perfect size to keep in a purse, glove box or desk.

I glued paper on first, attached my letters and small embellishments with more glue. Then I added a thin layer of modge podge over the top.

These are for a swap I am in, but this would be a great Christmas gift for a teacher, co worker or girlfriend.

They orginally were suppose to be in one of these blank band aid tins,

but those are no where to be found!

So start saving those Altoid tins!


Julie said...

What a good idea!

Jan said...

Hi. I wanted to contact you to let you know that I've chosen you as a winner of a blog award. I was unable to locate your email adddress, so I thought you would read this. You can find information about your award here:


Jan said...

Back again -- not sure that link worked. If not, please cut and paste this:

nana rosie said...

HA-HA! Blog land...guess who scored that darling "band-aid" just in case tin?That would be ME!!! It is my reward for giving up my lean, oh so firm, body, to house miss "toadly crafty" in for 9 months! Yup that's right I am her Mom & I so deserved that cute tin!