Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I am feelin' Lucky!

I love St Pattys day! Well, okay I really love any excuse to celebrate...but St Pattys Day to me means spring is upon us!! So for the next few days I will be showing a few fun ideas for the Wearin' O' the Green!

A couple of quick cuties.

This is the wreath on my front door...

Pretty easy, I weaved the green ribbon around the out side of the wreath to give it a bit more color.

And I made this to go on the front table...

Now until last week, I was not lucky enough to own a cricut. But that has all changed...my very sweet hubby surprised me with my very own Cricut machine!!! I am so excited!! I have requested the Sir Cuts a Lot software for an anniversary gift. I know, its a little greedy....but a some girls wants diamonds and some girls want scrapbook supplies! (Although I wouldn't turn up my nose at a diamond!!)

But if you don't have one, or you are looking for a quick turn around, give the letters a try that I used on this luck frame

I found these at the evil "W" store for 58 cents each. I also have it from a very reliable source (Mr Toadly Craft works there) that Lowes sales them for "pretty cheap" also.

So stay tuned for more fun green ideas!


Anonymous said...

Now see -- that's why you have a blog. Using those letters was a stroke of genius! It turned out great and didn't involve a lot of stenciling, cricket cutouts, etc.

On another subject, how much stimulation does one brain need? Bubblewrap? LOL. I admit that I love the zippo lighter candle, I think that's totally cool. I'm going to be giggling about the bubble wrap for some time though!

Levi said...

yea for your cricut! you finally got it!!!!

Levi said...

ummm levi would never say that...so obviously this is lyndsy

Whimsical Creations said...

YAY for a cricut. Maybe someday I will have one.

Those are great creations!