Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hug them all....

I think I may have mentioned my obsession with my sewing machine lately. I love it!! And I am still thanking my hot hubby for buying it for me!! (Love you babe, your the best!)

So when I cam across the Obsessively Stitching stitching blog I became a fan! She has just started a follow along for making a lap quilt...

Now technically this is not my first quilt ever, you may remember this post about the blanket that I made for my adorable nephew Arbor

but it is the first time I have made an "official" quilt, one that didn't just come out of my head. I am pretty excited about it cause it is perfect timing...
After seeing how much Arbor hearts his Blanket and how much my kids love the blankets I am working on for them, I have decided that each of my nieces and nephews need a blanket made just for them by me. I adore all of them and don't get to see some of them as much as I would like since they are as far away as Washington and Wyoming. Now this might not seem like a big dea...BUT I have 27 nieces and nephews!!This includes a nephew in law and my nieces baby, I know, I am crazy! Oh and their ages span 25 to due in May and everything in between...oh and just to add to the craziness I would like to have them all done by Christmas...I know crazy right...but I think I can do it?! (Yes, that is doubt you are hearing)

So I decided to follow along with Obsessively Stitching's quilt along. Here is the fabric I choose

These are the ones I picked for my main fabric.

I am naming this one Caleb for my cute three year old nephew, via Mr Toadly Crafty's side. He is grandchild #20 out of 21, so far. All the bright colors just reminded me of his rambunctious, mischievously fun personality.

This is the top of another one, it needs to be quilted and finished...but I am working on it. This one is named Bailey..

Bailey is my sweet little 6 month old niece also on Mr Toadly Crafty' side. She is my newest one grandchild #21 out of 21, until Lil' Bear is born next month. She is always smiling! I have really never seen the little doll cry, even when she is tried she is still smiling! The gingham is so cheerful and always makes me it was perfect!

I am also working on...Bella, Marissa, Justin, and Lil' Bear (thats just his nickname for now, he is the one due next month) ....wish me luck, I think I am going to need it!

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Lyndsy said...

wow you have a lot of ambition! but i love your quilts. you have a good eye!