Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Yummy Kitchen Sets

Every year for my Dad's family reunion we do an auction. All the items on auction are donated by family members. All the proceeds go to funding the following years reunion. Everything is payed for, the campsite, the evening meal and the morning meal....all are covered by what is made at the auction. So you can imagine there is some pretty good stuff! I will admit, the family reunion, use to be a drag...hanging out with old people i don't know. But, these auctions have not only funded the last several reunions, but have made all of us want to go, to show of our own stuff and to "win" some of the awesome items donated by other members. And because of this, I have gotten to know a lot of really neat family members I probably would not have known otherwise! One year one of my dad's awesome carvings went for over $150. And a quilt that had been started by my great grandma and finished by one of the aunts went for about the same price!

So why am I telling you all this?
Two reason:
One, I would totally encourage you to try it out with your own family.
Two, I want to show you what my mom, aunt, sister and I came up with. 

These cute boxes are actually for my mom's family reunion. This will be the first year the auction is introduced, so it might be a little slow, so we came up something awesome to show the family how its done. 

Each kitchen set comes with:
- An apron
- A tea towel (Both my contribution)
- A set of 8 recipe cards (My Mom, Rosy Cheeks Contribution)
- A yummy treat (My sisters or my aunts contribution)
and a "bonus" item. 


This is the first set, I call it have my "cup"cake and eat it to Kitchen Set.

The "bonus" is the cute magnets. Don't you just love that Itty Bitty Oven Mitt magnet?!?! I did when I saw it over on Obsessively Stitching, Care has a great tutorial here if you want to make yourself one...they are so easy!!
The yummy treat in this is a 1/2 dozen pretty cupcakes!

The second box (My Moms favorite)
I call "Summer Lovin" Kitchen Set


The picture on the right is a pin that can be move around the apron or worn separately. Is the "bonus" along with another super cute Itty Bitty Oven Mitt magnet.

The cute part of this is my dad hand carved a little pig to be the "cork" on the top of the bottle of homemade BBQ sauce my mom made for the treat.

The third set I call Berry Sweet Kitchen Set. (This is the one my aunt had me do)


I just finished this tonight. I will get pics up of the adorable apron and tea towel tomorrow, when I have some light again. The "bonus" for this one is a little girls version of the apron, so a mommy and me type thing. Its super cute! The treat for this is going to be some homemade strawberry jam and a fresh load of bread.

The final one I call
Hands off my chocolate Kitchen set (It my favorite, I don't know if I can let this one go!)

Unfortunately it photographs really dark, but I love the pink and brown color combo!

This one is a half apron. It is so cute!! Apparently I forgot a pic of the cute tea towel and the "bonus" on this one. Which is pin in the shape of a chocolate chip cookie. The yummy treat for this is going to be a box of homemade chocolates.

I am pretty excited how cute these turned out! I hope the fetch some good money at the auction!

Happy Crafting!

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