Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Crazy busy!!!

I love summer time! Spending time with my kids, the warmth, I have been absent from posting.

But I have still been crafting! In addition to a few swaps I have been finishing up for Two Peas
I made this quilt for Gunner. He celebrated his birthday last week and asked me for a quilt. So I made him this tetris quilt, he is so obsessed with videos games, it seemed perfect!

The back

Its bound in a black swirl and I used black thread to stipple it. That was really scary for me, I usually use white, so it was hard to use such a dark color, I knew that all my mistakes would show up! That makes quilt #2 for him. His other one was this one for his bed.

I have also been working on my quilt along that I am following from Crazy Mom Quilts
This is last weeks step, I haven't put on this weeks yet.

And to go with the swaps I have been hosting, I made these three cute RACs

for the winners of the best in theme in each recipe group. They are made with the little Altoids tins.

Hope you all are having as fun and productive summer as I am!

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The Umbergers said...

I LOVE the quilt! It's totally Gunner!! And the tins are so cute!! You done good sis!!