Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The first craft I am going to feature is both a wood project and a paper craft.
Every year I make my kids something just from me for Christmas. This last year I made them these

I picked paper in a color and theme for each set. The blocks are cut from a 2x5 into 5" squares. Then painted them a solid color, black in this case. But here is a tip, instead of the time and expense of vinyl I used paper that I cut at my local scrapbook store (cause I don't have a cricut machine Hint, Hint Cory) into the needed letters and then modge podged it on as I was modge podging the paper. For the paper, cut each piece to 4 1/2 x 4 1/2 this gives a nice little lip around the block of the paint color. If you want solid paper with out the lip cut the paper to 5x5 and sand the edges after the modge podge has dried. If you aren't into the paper background, then paint the whole block. Just make sure the paint has completely dried before applying the modge podge.

While I made their sets I also made this set for myself ( I can't help myself!)

They loved them! Gavin rearranges his in his room almost daily.

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The Umbergers said...

So cute! I want to make Arbor some!
I love the blog too!