Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Busy, Busy

Having this...

as a mother makes it mandatory that I love Halloween. Lucky for both of us I do!
Love the pumpkins...love the scary decorations....love the chocolate! And really love any excuse to craft..and what better excuse than a holiday!!

This week I have been working on this cutie...

Now, the before mentioned mother, AKA The Clever Rose is not a scrapbooker, she has a drawer that holds her pictures. The pictures are all mingled together, my wedding mixed with Levi's 3rd birthday, mixed with the trip to Disneyland and her high school dance pictures...well you get the idea. Amazingly enough she manages to find what ever picture she is looking for when she wants, so she must have some secret clever system in place! But when even she is coveting this cute altered tin, I know I have done good!

This is the finishing touch on a Halloween whimsy jar swap that I am in on Two Peas. (Yes, another! I really am a swapping junky!) But I may just have to make a few more one for me and one for the Halloween Freak...er I mean, mom!

Here is a little preview on a future post....

And this Saturday is my turn to host the Sisterhood of the Traveling Paints or Craft Day

I have big plans for these on Saturday....


nana rosie said...

HEY WHATS THANT supposed TO mean????
I can't help it if I got a little TOO much of the WEIRD, WILD,yet WONDERFUL or WWW gene!!
Because of your DAD, you are running a bit low on the WWW gene! But hey, can I have the tin anyway!?
I make you sunday dinner for it!

Anonymous said...

I would love to host a craft day. What fun!!! Unfortunately, I don't know anyone in the real world who does crafts (except for my son and daughter). Hard to believe, isn't it? I'll pretend that I'm in your group by "following", ok?