Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A Spooky Craft Day...

I am part of a monthly craft group that we have nicknamed The Sisterhood of the traveling Paints. My mom my sisters (although one keeps dogging out on with the lame excuse "it takes four hours to get there"!), my three cousins and my aunt. We rotate houses, bring yummy food and put together a few cute crafts. This month it was my turn to host.
I already posted two cute crafts I did, but here is what everyone else was working on.

My cutie cousin, who has never been able to finish a craft...actually got one done..these cute boo and EEk blocks! (Go Alisha!!)

My Cousin in law, Wendy made these cute calendar blocks. I love the colors, I was secretly hoping she would forget them so I could keep them for my very own!

Here is my mom at our local craft store, modeling what she wanted to make. This was her inspiration for...

turning this naked wood (should I have marked this post rated R ;-)into..

nope not yet, still working on it....

Into this...

I must say I am proud of her! Maybe I am starting to wear off on her, after all, this is paper crafting, a form of scrapbooking, which if you follow her blog you know she considers scrapbooking to be a form of torture.

I wish I had gotten a cute picture of my Aunt Cec's wicked blocks before she took them home. Or my other Cousin, Amy's, cute Eek blocks.

But I did get this one

the other thing that my mom made. The crow on top is from the dollar store! The vinyl and the blocks were cute by my brother.

We all got so many cute things done! I can't wait for next month!!

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Lizzy said...

I love everything, tell your Mom her BOO ROCKS! I love it!!! That looks like so much fun, I wish we had a craft club going on around here.