Thursday, October 15, 2009

Early Christmas gift idea

I have seen those cute glass dry erase calendars. Not to long ago I found this cute one from Not So Idle Hands and loved it! But I need one small enough to sit on my desk at work. So I bought a inexpensive 5x7 frame from that evil "W" place for $2.50.

Then I downloaded this free calendar grid.

I removed the glass from the frame. Laid the glass on top of the calendar and used a ruler and black sharp to draw the lines on the inside of the glass. I was doing it mirror image, so for the last two day boxes, I moved them to the opposite corner. If you make a mistake, a little glass cleaner and paper towel will take it right off.

Then when I replaced the glass I had this.

Then I raided my scrap paper stash and picked out something to represent each month. I used my straight edge to cut them to 5x7.

They store in the frame behind the current month and I can change them with each new month.

Then I fill in the days of the week and the numbers and month with a dry erase marker and I get this.

I plan to use a different colored dry erase marker to write my reminders on the calender.

Super easy and inexpensive. These would be great co worker gifts and I think that this might be what I give the kids teachers for Christmas!


The Umbergers said...

I love it! It's so simple and cute! I am going to make one!

Lyndsy Tippetts said...

That is so cute!

RN and OSHP said...

I saw this concept in a large frame but how clever to do it in a smaller frame for a desktop! I love the ability to change the backgrounds!! I think I might do this in 8X10 for my kitchen for a family calendar!

Debra said...

Love It!

Melissa said...

Super cute! I did one that is bigger! I love this for a desk top!

Chris said...

FanTAStic idea! Thanks for joining the party!