Saturday, December 19, 2009

Cookie Exchange: The last chapter

I must apologize for not getting this last post up quicker! I had the stomach flu from kicked my butt, my kids butts and poor Mr Toadly Crafty's too. At least we got past it before Christmas!

This is the invite I sent out..

the little paper clip is removable so that they can keep as a paper clip in their cook book.

Today was the official party or I should say parties as this year I hosted two of them. It was a lot of work, but oh so fun! And I have goodies to last a life time, unless Little G doesn't stop eating them, then they may only last through the night!

Look at all the yumminess....

Rosy Cheeks cookies.

Gee, who got a hold of my camera....Teisha!!

Third place for best packaging.

Winner of best packaging.

Second place for best packaging.

For the party favor I did the scrabble tile necklaces with gingerbread buttons. I removed the little loop on the back with a pair of pliers. I have found that if you coat the side of the scrabble tile with modge podge along with under and on top of the paper it prevents the resin from soaking underneath the paper and causing it to look stained. After the cured for a day, I drilled down through the top of the tile
I have seen lots of these necklaces down with bails, but I could not find them in my local craft store and all the ones on line were expensive. So I drilled the whole and used a post that is used on earrings. Then I made a simple loop and strung them on ribbon. Super cute, easy and inexpensive with out looking it party favor!

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