Saturday, December 19, 2009

A quick, easy gift idea...

My activity day girls made this simple gift for their parents. I had a copy of the Family Proclamation for all of them. (Free at the distribution center) I gave each of them a piece of vellum and a dollar store frame. Then I told them each to draw a picture of their family, doing there best work.

My kids and I had experimented to see if crayons, markers or colored pencils work best. We had the most success with crayons.

This is little G's framed masterpiece. Big G did a family tree starting with Nana and Papa and working down to all the grand kids. He gave this to nana and papa for Christmas. Missy Mama drew one for her grandma with just her, grandma and grandpa. They all turned out so cute, I wanted to keep them all.

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