Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Cookie Exchange: Part 2

On the To Do:
* Plan a menu
* Start planning party favors.

I unusually keep the menu to savory appetizers. I figure everyone just spent a lot of time making 10 dozen Sweet's I am sure the sampled them and are probably sick of sweet stuff.

This years menu will more than likely consist of Bacon Wrap Chestnuts, (A yummy recipe that is a tradition in my family)Stuffed mushrooms and probably a fruit dip. I know that leans to the sweet side but at least it is healthy.

I have seen other hostesses who have everyone bring an extra dozen of the goodies so that everyone can sample them at the party. Others have a contest for the best tasting so after everyone samples each goodie they vote secret ballot style.

I always ponder too long on the drinks. I know I don't serve anything sweet, but we all do nibble on some of the goodies. So I need milk, no cookie is complete without milk! For religious reasons, I don't serve alcohol or coffee, but have seen these suggested on other sites. I usually opt for hot chocolate, egg nog and Pepsi. The last one is for my mo, Rosy Cheeks cause if she does not have her Pepsi, watch out! (Love you, mom!)

So I have also been pondering the party favors. This is something I added just a few years ago. Last year I had cute red serving spoons and tongs tied up with a cute ribbon. This year, I am leaning towards Scrabble tile pendants with a cute ginger bread man (cause of the whole theme) on them. I was also thinking about homemade bath fizzies in a cute paper crafted box. The third possibility is a tea towel apron. Not sure which one yet. I think I may try a sample of each one over the weekend to get an idea of which I like best.

The other thing on the To Do list this weekend is finish up the invites and get them mailed out.

Up coming post
* Decor
* Party favors and prizes

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