Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Weekly Menu

Monday - Daddy Cooks! Steaks, Baked potatoes and green beans (My pick, I have to work late and he is off, only seems fair)
Tuesday - Lemon chicken, Rice and steamed broccoli (Mr Toadly Crafty's pick)
Wednesday - Rosie's Kula Pig Sandwiches, potato chips, Root Beer floats (Little G's pick)
Thursday - Mini Meat loaf, mashed potatoes and corn (Big G's pick)
Friday - Chicken & Pasta, Garlic Bread (Missy MayMay's pick)

This weeks theme: What are your quick cooking tips? I love using my crock pot, like for Wednesday's recipe. Throw it in before work and when I get home dinner is ready! And since Wednesday nights are chaos at our house...love the crock pot!

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Lyndsy said...

i don't really like to deal with meat. it makes me kinda sick. so when I do cook it, i throw it in my crockpot, and cook enough for 2-3 meals. I freeze or refrigerate whatever is left for a quick and easy meal next time.

I don't really have any other tips. In fact, I could use some!