Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Upcycling - Tights to Scarf

Missy MayMay own several pairs of knit tights. She wears them to school with her skirts, so usually, after a few wears, then end up looking like this...

I was cleaning out her drawer, but couldn't bring myself to just throw them away, because they have the cutest pattern and texture to them!

So I created this for her..

Now, before you ask yourself, why is she making that poor boy (Little G) wear that girly scarf? He volunteered!! When I asked Missy MayMay to model the scarf for me, she threw a fit. So Little G volunteered to stand in. It only took to pictures, before Missy MayMay realized she had been replaced. Apparently she could not stand the attention off of her. So she gave me several fun poses!

(Maybe I should not let her watch so much America's Top Model with me?)

This scarf was easy peasy - as Missy MayMay calls it. I used two pairs of tights. I cut them into strips, just from toe to waist. I was able to get 4 strips out of each pair.

I sewed the strips together to make three long pieces. Then I braided them together, leaving a little bit on each ended upbraided, so I could fringe it.

Once I had it all braided, I cut both sides with the fringe. Then I sewed the layers together, right under were the thread bow is. I wrapped it several times and tied a bow.

Ta da!

Easy peasy!


Anonymous said...

Very cute post and great idea. You tell that handsome Little G that he is quite the gentleman, which is a wonderful thing. MayMay will make a great entertainer, yes a little model. (in fact, they could both probably model now). They are darling! ...and so is the scarf!

Lizzy said...

Such cute kids and what a great way to recycle.

So, you guys are going to the Vegas races? I don't do races so he take our 16 year old GS with him. We went to Vegas last year, took the Rv, We have friends there and the guys went to the races and us girls shopped! Have fun!!!