Monday, February 22, 2010

Whats for Dinner?

A Day late...a dollar short (well, more than that!) but...

Monday - Lasagna, Garlic bread and Salad
Tuesday - Mini Meat loafs, funeral potatoes and muffins
Wednesday - Roasted Chicken, rice and rolls
Thursday - London Broil, Mashed potatoes and green beans
Friday - Mini pizzas and pasta salads

So this week I am playing the roll of the mean mommy and not letting them pick a meal. Mostly because I was tired of the picking the same thing each week and because they all pouted when I said they had to grocery shopping....yes I know, I was being a jerk!

Put that's why I picked mini pizzas, pasta salad and root beer floats for Friday...hopefully they will still love me..

So this weeks theme: what meal do you make for your family that makes them feel extra special or extra loved?

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Anonymous said...

I laughed out loud there when I read that they mostly pick the same things (haha). Dr. Oz says that we shouldn't have too much variety in our meals. He said we're better off just sticking to what works and realizing that food is fuel...try not to focus too much on the flavor, more on the health. Anyway, that's what Dr. OZ said. Did your children read his book? :)