Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Taya

This is the Taya

and it is funny to actually see one of the quilts on a bed, cause Taya is my youngest. So I know she loves it!

I let her pick the fabrics out. She picked the sparkle pink first and the brown polka dots, which I LOVE and use in everything!

So we picked the stripe to complement both and tie it all in.

And then she picked this

yup, bright purple Tinkerbell. I tried to talk her out of it, I know that she will probably out grow Tinkerbell in the next couple of years and I wanted this quilt, which is the bases for her room redo, to last a little longer than that.

So we compromised and I put it on the back

and spelled out her name with it.

I used the same free motion border as I did on Baileys

I also free motion stitched around the daisy's

and the hearts.

And then I added a word to each corner, (the words are dream, beautiful, imagine and create)

I think this is my fav so far!!

And while I am on Tayas room redo, her is another cute little creation I made for her "new" room

I think this should totally be Tayas motto, she loves to twirl!!

I have Kahlia, Paislee, Britney, Gini and Ricky all sketched up....just need some funds to be able to buy the fabric. And I guess I will be taking a detour, cause last night as I was showing all these creations off to Cory, my hot hubby, he asked why I had made all the kids one, some of the nieces and nephews one and even my mom one (Yes I did and its SOOO cute....just need pics...MOM!) and I had not made him one! Swoon, hubby interested and ASKING for a crafty project, this is a fantasy come I need to do one for him too!!


nana rosie said...

OH MY!!! that is the cutest Blanket!! I love it! I like how you gave her hier pick & your combined! She will love that quilt for years to come! GOOD woek by the way on sewing it looked very well made!
You make a mommy proud!

Brianna said...

what did you use for these blocks? Are they wood, or canvas?
I love how they turned out. I'd like to try making some of these for a shower gift