Monday, August 23, 2010

Feeling a bit naughty....

...but not in a fun way! I feel a bit like a teenager who is out past curfew....any minute someone is going to start yelling "Where have you been!!??!" But summer is drawing to an end...the kids go back to school on Wednesday...I have to admit it is time...they are starting to drive me crazy!

But just cause I have not posted, does not mean I have not been are some of the things I have been working on this past month....
Finished my quilt top from Crazy Mom Quilts quilt a long.

Hosted a state recipe swap on Two Peas for which I made all these cards...
Plus a few more that did not get photographed.
I also hosted a cupcake, picnic and a copycat recipe swap as well. I made these cards for it:

I decorated my front table...which is not anything great, but it I liked the feel of it. I have had that Roses vinyl I was really glad to use it!

I also made this cute little guy!

It is a empty spool of thread that I could not bring myself to throw away.

So I turned it into a mini album

Doesn't it look cute next to my J!

Some up coming projects I have in the works include some aprons from these fabrics

Some Halloween Spudnut recipe cards from this fun paper..
Completing these three quilt tops...

And finishing this quilt that I started for my dads birthday.

I am also hosting another fun swap on Two is for a 12 days of Christmas quilt...I am still looking for a few more swappers. If you are interested check it out here.

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Lyndsy Tippetts said...

i love the spool album! so cute! you are very creative.