Sunday, September 12, 2010

Progress report...

Well sent my last post I am proud to say I have gotten alot done! For fabric/sewing I finished quilting Jacobs blanket, for my project hug them self set goal to make a blanket for each of my nieces and nephews.
I also finished my quilt a long quilt that I did along with Crazy Mom Quilts.  
I am in LOVE with this one...I better be considering how intense it was! I ended up backing it with a really cute flannel blue polk a dot with a red binding.I gave this one to Cory, my hot hubby. He has been whining nicely asking for a quilt for quit some time. Every time I would get one finished he would say, wheres mine? It is meant to "match" this one that I made for myself.
I have started my Halloween quilt as well. (Notice the cute "model" in all my quilt pictures?) The green squares are going to be spiders, I plan to stitch them with some details in black.
Close up of one of the pumpkins. I am excited about this one and really just want to finish it...but we have a family reunion coming up and I plan on doing more of these for the I am busy making aprons. 

But I am also planning a quilt for my little sister Star...she has been hinting at one...very discreetly...since her bday in June. I picked these fabrics because they remind me of her room.

This fun idea has been tumbling around my head for quite a while.

I had my sister in law Lyndsy take this picture last fall of Gunner in his Cub Scouts uniform. He has since graduated and moved on to Boy Scouts, but I knew eventually I would put together a shadow box with the picture and all of the mothers pins I received while he was a Cub Scout. I scored big and found this shadow box at Micheal's this weekend for half off. So I snapped it up! I plan on doing the same thing with his varsity pins and with Gavins pins as well.
For my latest swap on Two Peas I am participating in a Halloween Betty Swap. It is a three part swap. The first is to make 18 Halloween recipe cards. I did Spudnuts, YUMMY! The 2nd part was a partner swap. Which include filling a trick or treat bag with goodies, a Halloween serving tray to serve your recipe on, the special ingredients needed to make your recipe, and a few fun kitchen gadgets. I made my trick or treat bag...I bought this cute fabric to use for my quilt, but then decided to use something a little less obviously Halloween.

I have also made a some fun things to put in the bag

Like this cute charm bracelet and earrings.
I really love this bracelet and want to keep it! My favorite charm is this crystal ball.
I also made a magnet and a Altoids tin album.

And a altered composition notebook. I carry one of these around to jot notes in, grocery lists, crafty ideas and so many other things! Pink is my Betty's favorite color so I sent with a pink theme for it.
My mom made these for me to include too....we are doing a trade since I am making an apron for her Betty.

I hope my Betty likes all this.....

The other swap I am in right now is an altered coffin partner swap....but I need your opinion on it....

with feathers?

or with out?

Here are a few other pics of it
And a few of the goodies I am including in it..

Well that is it for know....I am trying not to save up all my projects for one big giant post. My new goal is to post twice a lets see how that goes.


Lyndsy Tippetts said...

without feathers fo sho. the feathers are too much in my opinion. were we supposed to do your pics last friday? so sorry i spaced it if we were! let's do them soon before it gets cold out!

Lyndsy Tippetts said...

oh yeah the halloween quilt is darling and i love th boo blocks. i think i may have to make myself some. i need more halloween decorations.

Toyin O. said...

looks great. good job.

franky said...

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