Tuesday, July 28, 2009

J is for....

When I got married I was still in high school. There for I think I adjusted to my new last name quicker then most since I had to write it on all my papers. To go from a fairly unusual last name (Tippetts, spelled with two t's on the end) to a fairly common one (Johnson, how many of those are there in the world!) was a little different. I was so use to spelling out my last name, not any more. I like to joke now that it makes up for the unusual first name (I LOVE my first name, even though the Pitt-Jollies had to copy me!)

This cute little craft is in my family room. I got the letter from Jo ann's it was $2.99. Just one of those paper mache ones.
I was hoping to tie all the colors in my living room in with this craft. So I have used black (the color of all my furniture), red (the main accent color) blue (the secondary color) and sage green (the color of the walls, we rent and can't change them, but they are growing on me). I think that the paper I choose did that.
First I painted the letter black on all sides.

This red dot paper has a silky texture to it that I really like. The sticker totally fits this room, this is were we do everything! It is the most cosy comfy room!

I cut the flower and paisley accents out of some of the other papers and then to give it some depth, I used a 3D dot to pop up the flower.

Once I had the paper the way I liked, I used the magic bottle of modge podge to secure it all to the letter. Then before adding the top coat of modge podge, I rubbed on watery black paint and then quickly rubbed it of with a wet paper towel. It just adds a nice aged look to it. Then I used more modge podge to seal it. Once that was dried I added the ribbon, tied in knots, to give it a little more texture and depth!

Tomorrow, I will present a craft that was requested by Gunner..Whats in a name?


nana rosie said...

so cute, Toad
I have K & R in my trailer, that I would like to do this way!!
Cute I think in like foresty/fishin/plaid/campy theme. Great Idea!
By the way.....you forgot to mention WHERE your name came from....

Lizzy said...

I love this concept and hope to get to it soon, TFS! Oh, any luck with the machine?

Stephanie said...

that is super cute! your blog is adorable! let me know if you ever want to be featured on mine or do a blog swap for the day!