Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Whats in a name?

So I said I would get this post out yesterday, but then I started a brand new job on wed. So here it a day late, but still great!

When I was buying the big J for the family room, Gunner (yes, I made them go to the craft store with me!) found a smaller letter G and said he wanted me to make his name to hang on his bedroom door. Which is very Gunner, labeled and everything in its place!

A few scraps of paper, a little glue, some letter stickers and here is Gunners name for his door!

But if you get something for one child, then they all have to have one!

So here is Gavin's

It has some metallic paper on it, so it is a little reflective.

And last Taya's

My mom found the heart wreath at the DI (local thrift store) and so I tied hers to wreath and then used ribbon tied to the wreath to attach it to the door.

Hanging it was a little tricky. We are renters here, so I didn't want to add nail holes to the doors. Instead I hung them with ribbon and then strung the ribbon up and over to the back side of the door and attached it with a little tape. It has worked great and even has survived a few door slams!

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Lizzy said...

Cute! I sure want to do a project with this letters. I just need to find all the letters,they are always out of some that I need..ugh!