Saturday, August 1, 2009


Today I discovered there is a 7 AM! My mom (The Clever Rose) and I went garage selling and as all good bargain hunters know the early bird gets the best stuff!

So I up I got at 7 AM and out we went. After a quick stop to get Rosie a Pepsi (seriously, if she does not have a Pepsi by like 10 then you want to hide, cause she is not fun!) off we went!

Here is what I found:

The birdhouse was $1. It was originally blue, which is not really in my color scheme, so I painted the blue parts black. The salad shooter is BRAND NEW and was $3 (I am calling that my find of the day) the book Stand A Little Taller is also brand new and was $1. I actually got 3 of the shadow boxes 50 cents each and you will just have to check back for my plans for those. The three red mattes were 75 cents and I am going to use those for the kids school pics this year. In front are two brand new sets of stamps $2 each and 4 scrapbook embellishments 25 cents each. The only thing I hesitated on was the wheat in the white pot. I plan on updating the ribbon and the pot a little but it will need some work, but for $1 I figured what the heck! I also got some Tupperware ($4), but left it in my moms (you better not be using it mom!)car. Total spent $16.75! Not bad for all the treasures I got!

I'll post the pics of the finished shadow boxes in few days, hopefully I will be able to get them all done!

I guess I am not the only one who found some fun tresures this past weekend. Check out Southern Hospitality to see other bloggers treasures from all over the country!


Lizzy said...

Wow!! You scored, especially on the stamps.... I love yard sales.

Sharlotte said...

Great finds! I especially love that birdhouse!

Tarva said...

I love that birdhouse.

Kammy said...

Great job on the finds and so cheap too !
Shadow boxes are normally expensive !

Shauna said...

You got some good deals! I love birdhouses!

Lyndsy said...

Okay the wheat thing looks kinda like Wendy's little flower things in her house that I wanted to make!!!