Monday, August 3, 2009

Apron... with a boy twist!

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So here is one of my Monday project I wrapped up and can remove from my crafty to do list....Gunner's apron. I have had Gavins done for awhile, but needed to finish up Gunners.

Last month in my craft group we made aprons. I made one for me and one for Taya. it didn't occur to me that "the brothers" (Taya's nickname for Gunner and Gavin) would want an apron. (I know, how sexist of me!)
Boy, was I wrong! So I got to work. The fabric for both aprons was used from left overs I had.
(I make there scrapbooks out of a cheap binder covered in a fabric that fits into there style and taste of the moment. Past ones have included, pink plaids, buzz light year and race cars. So this is the left over fabric from the most recent ones I have made.)

This is Gavin's. The skull and cross bone is kind of his thing right now. Especially in the red and black.

Gunner is into loves penguins, but not cartoon or cute ones, he likes them to look really. So when I found this fabric, I knew it was perfect!

I just cute the fabric in a basic apron shape. I made a large rectangle for the pocket. Then I edged everything with double sided bias tape. I did this because it seems to give the fabric more durability, plus I liked the contrast that it added. I made thin ties and neck band out of more of the fabric. I also sandwiched the ties between the bias tape. Last I top stitched the pocket to the apron and done.
It took hardly any time at all!

The brothers love them, all though they won't answer the door while wearing it!


Jen R. said...

Great idea! Jen

Twice Remembered said...

Aw, those are the cutest! I think it's a great idea for kids to have aprons. My kids can be pretty, shall we say, "active" when helping in the kitchen or working on craft projects. Loved how yours turned out!

Thanks for joining in this week for Make Your Monday and I look forward to seeing you join in again soon!

A Home in Progress said...

What a cute idea! I love it! Thanks for your sweet comment - anytime you want to send me something of yours to share, I would LoVe to! Come on back! :)

Anonymous said...

They turned out very cute!!


Ohh I love it! Just recently a friend gave me an apron. It's a perfect gift--I think your boys will love getting thier hands dirty while wearing them! Nice job.