Wednesday, August 5, 2009

So many recipes

I love magazines some of my favs include Women's World, Family Fun, Taste of Home and Simple Scrapbooks.
One of my favorite parts is all the yummy recipes that is featured in them. So I rip them out and stuff them between my recipe books, thinking I will remember to pull them out and make one. But I always forget about them.
Or there is all the ones that I get from friends, at church or from the occasional cooking class I attend at Macey's (my favorite local grocery store). Same thing though, stuffed between the recipe books and forgotten.

But no more! In my craft group we decided to dig out those recipes and sort them into a binder. I whipped out my scrapbook paper (Ok, so maybe I never really put it away) and created this pretty little cover.

Added some of those page protectors in 8 1/2x11 and some of the divided ones meant to hold individual 4x6 pictures. And have started sorting all my ripped out and forgotten recipes into categories. I am using Breads, Main Dishes, Sides/Salads, Dessert and Just for fun.

My goal is to make one new recipe a week, on Surprise Saturday. If the family gives it a pass then I will added it to the list of menu options I have for them. (They each get to pick a meal for the menu options once a week)

Yea, I organized one tiny little thing, now if only the garage were done.....

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nana rosie said...

That is "SICKENLY" CUTE!! Wanna trade???
Mine was just fine for me, until I saw that one. Now I want to trash mine & start over!!