Sunday, August 9, 2009

Another one off the "to do list"....

A while back I was shopping around Roberts (my favorite local craft store) and they had the cutest blank chipboard books. But this was during my unemployed moment and even the $5 they cost was to much. Now I know I could have gone to my mommy (The Clever Rose)and she would have bought one for me, but it didn't feel right, so I put it back. Later that week I was purging stuff in DD room (yes, while she was out playing at a friends house, so she didn't freak out and try and horde all the stuff I had in the pile) when I came across this
and added it to the DI pile (local thrift store), which is were I actually got it in the first place, you can still see the price on the front of it. Later that night, I am lying in bed when inspiration strikes (this is were it usually happens, when I am trying to sleep)! That book is exactly what I was coveting from the craft store!. The next morning I rescue it from the DI pile. I set to work making it into this

Cory's book that I still "owe" him from Christmas. Every year I make the kids and him a mini album of highlights from the past year. For Cory's I usually find a song that I feel is significant or expresses my feelings. This album is Angel of Mine by Evanescence. It took me about a week of little bit here, a little bit there building.

At first I was going to leave the book completely in tack. But then I started adding buttons and brads and bulky embellishments and it wouldn't stay closed. So then I cut it apart, used a crocodile to punch holes in the chipboard pages and then assembled it back on some key rings. I was going to tie ribbon around the rings, but it looked to feminine.

I left the spine in tack on the front/back cover because I felt it looked a little tidier.

I finally finished it yesterday and presented it to him. He loved it. I even caught him showing it to some friends last night!
I guess I better get started on this years, then I might actually have it done on time for Christmas!

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Twice Remembered said...

What a great idea to alter a children's chunky book! I love how it turned out - such a sweet gift of memories. Your creativity is impressive! Thanks for sharing with us!

Amy said...

What a creative way to use what you have!

Fork Lift Rental said...

So very very smart! Way to go! Cheap projects are awesome!

Lizzy said...

I love these altered projects! Yours turned out so nice.