Sunday, November 1, 2009

Novemeber is here!

I LOVE Halloween! It is one of my favorite holidays, okay maybe they are all "my favorites" but still it is fun. I must say I am a little grateful this one is over. Yesterday was a really long day!

My ds turned 8, which for us is a big birthday. He was baptized and so we had a big luncheon afterwards.

We also do Halloween really big! A cemetery, fog machine, is quite the production! But so much fun.

So between the two, I am kind of wiped out.

But as much as I love Halloween...I get excited when it is over because I get to start planning for the holidays. I host a big cookie exchange each year, this year I think I may end up hosting two or three. Stay tuned, I will give you all my plans and ideas on how to host one of these fun parties! And also what has worked in the past and what hasn't. This will be my seventh year doing this. Also I have some fun Christmas countdowns, decor and recipes to share. I also think this year, I am going to let my kids host their first annual Polar Express Party. On top of all that I make my kids and hubby a scrapbook highlighting all the years events. I have given it to them on Christmas in the past, but this year I am going to give it to them on New Years Eve, you know out with the old in with the new. I also make the kids a gift that is just from me, hand made, to them...I have a few ideas tossing around the noggin for that!

But first Thanksgiving. Such a peaceful holiday! Here is a little craft I made with my craft group. It made taking down the Halloween decorations a little easier, because I knew I had this cutie waiting to go up.

The inspiration for this one came from Lindsey at Inspiring Creations .

The rest of the front table is not set up yet. DH has not dragged the Thanksgiving box out of storage yet for me. So hopefully he will and I can get that all set up for you to peek at.

I hope you all had a fun Halloween! Happy crafting!

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