Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thanksgiving Decor

I must say there really is not much to show. I don't do much decor for Thanksgiving because it is sandwiched in between my two biggest decor holidays, Halloween outside and Christmas inside. But I am slowly building it up. I need to add a wreath to the front door and hope to get to it this weekend.

The silver pumpkins are just cheap pumpkins I bought at the evil W store and then used some silver metallic spray paint on them. The pilgrim people are one of the first things I ever crafted. My SIL and I made a set. I still love them, even if they are a little out dated!

On the front table

are my give thanks blocks from a couple of posts ago. Then a candy dish I got on clearance last year with some M&Ms and silk fall leaves in it. Another pilgrim couple

and a basket with some silk flowers in gold and orange

To give it some height to help fill some of the negative space, I placed the basket on a candlestick holder.

Coming up....Fall Wreath (Hopefully!) and Thanksgiving journal....

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