Monday, November 9, 2009

Weekly Menu

So one of my fav blogs Sisters Stuff posts a weekly menu.

I think it is so fun! There are five of us, me, Mr Toadly Crafty and three Jr Toadly Crafty. On Saturdays we each pick a meal. I then shop for anything I need for it. Then assign it a day and list it on my adorable menu board that I made at one of my crafty days

So each week I will be sharing the menu with all of you!

Monday - Skillet Lasagna , Garlic Toast and Green Beans (Missy MayMay's Choice)

Tuesday - Chicken Broccoli Skillet with Blue Berry Muffins (My pick)

Wednesday - Potato Soup, Bread sticks (Mr. Toadly Crafty's Pick)

Thursday - Turkey Tetrazzini, Cooked Carrots (Little G's pick)

Friday - Peaches & Cream French Toast (Big G's Pick)

If you are noticing a theme this week, its because I made them all pick something new. I handed them a stack of my Favorite cooking magazines, Taste of Home and Simple and Delicious and said it had to be from one of those. Mean, I know but I can honestly only take so many nights of Sloppy Joe's and Tacos.

Hope this inspires you in some way!


Levi said...

okay i did not know you could look up recipes on taste of home. good to know!!!

Lyndsy (not levi) just to lazy to log out of his name.

Valerie said...

I love your menu board! I have a small ceramic one for the daily menu, but love this too!!