Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Back in craftin action...

So I have been crafting up a storm here!

We had our monthly craft group on Saturday at my sister in laws house (Thanks Lyndsy, for hosting!) I had fallen in love with this idea on the adorable Shanty 2 Chic blog. I was unable to find everything that Whitney used, so I filled in with a few ideas of my own...

Here is my take on them

This project cost me about $12 for the three of them. But I did not have to buy the roof flashing, my brother had that in his archives. And my hubby works at Lowe's, so he gets a (small) discount. But it should not cost more than $14 to do all three of these.

I knew that I wanted all three to have a different finial on top. So I didn't want to buy three of the same thing.
For this one

I purchased a banister post at Lowe's. That was the most expensive thing it was $3.50.

This one

I found the finial in the same place, by the banister pieces. It was $2.50. It has thread with a screw piece so it did not have to be glued. The post is a dowel that I got at Micheal's it was $2.50 and I had my brother cut it into a 11" piece a 10" piece and I had a left over piece about 12" long. So I could have just used the dowel for all three if I had not bought a full banister piece.

I am not sure what this piece

is suppose to be used for. I found it at Micheal's by the dowel section. Unlike the banister piece it was not pre set with a screw. So I used E600 glue and some hot glue to attach it to the top of my dowel.

For the base

I used a piece of moulding that I found at Lowe's with all the decorative moulding. (There are some really cool pieces in the decorative moulding section, it is totally giving me some ideas!) These were around $1.20 each.

For the flat piece

on the front I used a blank wooden plaque that I found at Walmart. These were 98 cents each! (Yea I know I was giddy too!)

I attached all the pieces with the E600 and hot glue, including the roof flashing. To make the base and dowel attachment sturdier,I had Mr Toadly Crafty put a screw threw the bottom up into the banister/dowel piece. After they were all glued together I painted them black. Whitney did some really cute white ones washed with brown here that she is using for a recipe holder. I love the colors on this one too. I am in plans to make one like this for my kitchen with a twist fun twist and one for my desk at work.

For the last step I made some simple glass magnets and used them to hold my picture on the front

(isn't my sweet Missy MayMay adorable!?)

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