Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Valentine Wreath

I had one of those moments the other day, you know those moments were you see something, you fall in love with it and you MUST have it!

It happened the other night when I was perusing through the semi finalists for the next season of So You Think You're Crafty . And there was the cutest idea! This is Linda's from Craftaholics Anonymous cute craft for the auditions at SYTYC. I knew I had to have it!

But seeing how the post Christmas funds are a little short right now, I had to compromise and use only what I had on hand. Which was this

I got the red glitter sprays at a post Christmas sale for 75% off making them only 69 cents each. I had originally intended to use my other post Christmas find, the large red sparkle daisy's, but the finished product did not need it.

This is what I came up with

I love it!! Not quite the same as Linda's original, but I gave it a Valentine twist and finally was able to take down the Christmas wreath that I still had up.

Doesn't it look so cute on my door?!?

I started looking for a wire hanger to use as the "frame" for the heart. But Mr Toadly Crafty does all the laundry (I know, aren't I lucky!!)he is a bit fanatical about laundry and does not "believe" in wire hangers. So no such luck. I probably could have begged one off of my mom, Rosy Cheeks but I woke up at 7am on Saturday and was set to get this done, and I don't think she would have appreciated the call at 7 am asking her to bring me a hanger.

So I improvised some more and twisted a few pieces into this

heart frame.

Then I weaved the red glittery frames through the wire.

I liked the look of leaving a bit of the wire exposed.

Then I used one of the beautiful frames that my dad built for me and laid the heart on it.

I loved how it looked here. But to give a bit more of a wreath look, I decided to add the grapevine. I did not have a wreath and I couldn't go buy one, so I improvised again and used a section of a grapevine garland I had to make a wreath. I love the texture it adds to it.

Then used ribbon to hang to the door and ta da! A Valentine's day wreath!

I still want to make Linda's adorable heart piece, but until I can purchase the pieces I need, this will fill the "HAVE to HAVE" it need!

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L@Craftaholics Anonymous said...

Love your twist!! That's awesome you created it with stuff you had on hand. Way to go on doing it on the cheap! Looks fab!!
happy crafting!