Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Family reunion time!

So a few months ago I posted here about the auction our family does to fund the following years family reunion. Well we just had the annual Evans reunion at the most beautiful cabin, with yummy food...and all of it was paid for with funds from the auction last year.

So here is what I made for this years auction....

I found the one Halloween print in the remnants bin, so it was super cheap....and way cute! I decided to turn it into a disappearing 9 patch quilt. I totally heart how this quilt worked out! I was really tempted to keep it...

Here is a close up of the stitching and the fabric.

My mom, sister and I also did more of the Kitchen sets from that previous post. This time we did a Chocolate Fantasy with a turquoise accent. Love this one..it was my favorite!

We had a hot pad, apron, and tea towel made by me...

adorable recipe cards and white chocolate popcorn, complete with darling labels made by my mom....

Yummy fudge and hot cocoa mix made by my sister.

 The next one was name a Cup of Kitchen Cheer

With homemade hot cocoa mix and hot apple cider mix by my sister

tea towel and apron by me

recipe, labels and mugs by my mom.

The next one was A"pear" of "apple"ing aprons (this was my moms favorite)

My mom did recipe cards and canned apple pie filling,

I did a tea towel and matching mommy and me aprons

And we included some homegrown pears from my moms tree.

We had another, called Pepper me Pretty....with a jalapeno theme, but I did not get pictures of it.

My mom and dad also did these...

They are homemade BBQ sauce and homemade Jack Daniels sauce in jars with toppers carved by my dad.

This auction was very successful! There was some way fun things and we raised enough to hold the family reunion in the same location again next year!

Happy Crafting!


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